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The Event

Welcome to the Blue Dragon and Huff’n'Puff Dragon 2017


We are glad to have you on board and look forward to showing you the great mtb trails in North East Tassie! The challenge continues to grow but we aim to maintain the relaxed “Ride with your Mate” atmosphere.


The amazing riding and scenery is sure to be enjoyed by you and your team-mate. We hope you enjoy the event and hopefully there will be some Dragon slaying along the way…….


Thanks so much to everyone who helped putting the event together. Special thanks to the Dorset Council and Forestry Tasmania, without their support the event would not happen.




Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th February

0800 – 1730: Registration at Avantiplus Launceston, 12-16 St John Street


Friday 10th February

17:00 – 20:00: Competitor registration at Derby Recreation Area


Saturday 11th February – Stage 1 Derby

07:30 – 09:00: Competitor registration at Derby.

09:30: Competitor gathering and briefing at Derby Recreation Area

10:00: RACE START for Blue Dragon and for Huff’n'Puff

12:30: Expected arrival of first riders (back to Derby)


Sunday 12th February – Stage 2 DERBY that’s right DERBY!

08:30: Competitor gathering and briefing at Derby Recreation Area

09:00: RACE START for Blue Dragon and Huff’n'Puff

11:15: Expected arrival of first riders (Derby)

14:30: Overall Presentations



Registration will open on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the event at Avantiplus Launceston (12-16 St John Street) open 8am – 5:30pm.

Registration at the event will be on the Friday afternoon at Derby 5pm – 8pm and Saturday morning 7:30am – 9am at Derby.



You will be provided with your starter packs when you register. Packs include number plate, socks, and other nic naks. Only one team member needs to register and collect bags.



The North East Lions Club is once again on board with catering and their fantastic food will keep the legs ticking over!


For those that have pre-purchased breakfast the Lion’s Club will have a list of names for redemption. There have been provisions made for extra meals to be purchased on the day if you have forgotten to bring your own. A continental breakfast (cereals, toast, fruit and yoghourt) will be served at the Rec Ground (Start/Finish) on Saturday on Sunday morning. To save on disposable bowls, cups, and spoons it would be great if you could bring your own. Coffee and tea will be available.

Saturday 11th: 7:30am – 9:00am

Sunday 12th: 7:00am – 8:00am



As part of your entry each competitor will receive a BBQ lunch + salads on Saturday and Sunday after your ride. There have been enough provisions made for friends and family to also purchase meals on the day. Local cafes in Derby also do great snacks and lunches.


Dinner – While there will be a few options for an evening meal in Derby don’t be afraid to go for a small drive and visit one of the many pubs in the area. It’d be best if you give them a call and book a table.

Branxholm Hotel 6354 6121
Winnaleah Hotel 6354 2331
Weldborough Hotel 6354 2223


Traditionally the Dragon has been a camping event at Weldborough but this year the event has been brought into the township of Derby. While we still encourage camping we would also like competitors to support the local businesses that have started up accommodation options.
Camping in Derby will be at the venue (netball court area), next to the council depot (far end of town and across the road. There is limited space so we’d also recommend Weldborugh Hotel, Branxholm Campground and Winnaleah Hotel. Please call ahead to book with these business directly.


About the Course

 Saturday:  Stage 1 Derby 45 and 20km…..

Day 1 will start on the fire trail that leads to the Devilwolf trail junction area. From here it will use the Long Shadows trail to Cascade Rd. You will then follow Cascade Rd until you get to the start of Dam Busters. After the first part of Dam Busters you get to the bridge crossing. Blue Dragon riders will turn right and head back to Cascade Rd, Huff’n’Puff riders will cross the bridge and follow Dam Busters. When Blue Dragon riders meet Carnac Rd you will turn right. At the end of Carnac Rd you make a left turn and follow Mt Paris Rd until you turn right onto Dead Horse Hill Rd. After following this road for a while you’ll turn left and start your final ascent to the top of the Rattler Range and the best view in the north east! This will mark the feed zone for the days ride and is approx. 25km. Descending off the top is “WILD” please take extra care. You’ll make your way to the fresh trails of Atlas and Dam Busters before your final hoot through town.
- Huff’n’Puff riders will complete Dam Busters and a lap of Krushka before heading into town and the finish.


Sunday: Stage 2 Derby 51km and 25km…..

Stage 1 will start with the traditional climb up Cascade Road. Rather than climb to the Rattler Trig point (that will be on day 2) it will follow the now sign posted route along Carnac Road to the top of Atlas. From here it will descend Old Mutual Road. At the bottom of Old Mutual Road the Blue Dragon riders will turn right and climb back towards Weldborough. The Huff’n’Puff riders will turn left and descend some more towards the Mutual Bridge. Just prior crossing the road at Weldborough there will be the first feed zone. ALL RIDERS MUST STOP AND GIVE WAY WHEN CROSSING THE HIGHWAY!!! After crossing the highway riders will climb Emu Road and then descend the OC track to Moorina. When turning right on to the highway you MUST GIVE WAY TO TRAFFIC!!! After turning off the highway you’ll find the second feed station. Then you will  follow the trail along the Rigarooma river back to Mutual Bridge and the road back to Derby for the final sprint through town.



Compulsory equipment:

All Teams MUST carry:

* First Aid kit comprising: 2 x crepe bandages, 2 x non-adhesive wound dressings, 6 x steri-strip wound closures.

* 1.5L of water each (absolute minimum)

Additional equipment that is highly recommended;

* Mobile Phone (Telstra gets reception in some parts)

* Lots of food (energy gels, bars, etc)

* Suitable spares/tools to carry out own repairs (multi-tool, pump, spare tubes, chain breaker, lube, tyre patches/duct tape/$5 note, chain link, spare derailleur hanger).

* Sunscreen

* Camelbak (hydration bag)


It is advisable to bring as much water of your own as possible. The water available in Derby is recommended to be boiled prior to usage.





It is up to competitors to supply their own race food. It is recommended that teams carry plenty of gels, lollies, bars, fruit, etc as well as drinking plenty of electrolyte.

The shops in the North-East have limited sports specific supplies so it is advisable to purchase your race nutrition prior to the event.

Whilst there will be drinks/feed stations, it is not recommended you rely on these as your only source of race nutrition.


Roads are NOT closed so it is important to OBEY ROAD RULES (stay left, be aware at intersections, etc.)

The course is not a groomed cross country circuit. It is an adventure trail that has lots of exposed roots, ruts, branches and unexpected obstacles. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the tracks are relatively clear, expect the unexpected.

Marshalls will be located at strategic points on course. Should a serious accident occur; aim to stay with your partner, pay particular attention to your location, stick to the course and send a message to the nearest marshal.

The Blue Dragon is a team event and you must ride with your partner at all times. It also means you need to look after your partner. When you eat/drink they should be eating/drinking. If they need to stop, you need to stop. If they have a mechanical, you stay with them/help them fix it.

 Emergency Contacts:

Ben Mather: 0438572164

Tim Dyke: 0407688619

It is possible to get phone reception along some parts of the course. Please enter the above emergency numbers into your phone in case assistance is required.